The Venus Factor Review

The Venus Factor was created to give women a weight loss system that was designed specifically for the female body. Men and women face different physiological and psychological challenges when dieting, so it only makes sense that they take different approaches to losing weight. The creator of the program, John Barban, has extensive experience working with female clients, so he knows exactly how to design diet and training regimens that suit a woman’s physique and disposition.

The system takes into account the female body’s unique muscle fiber distribution, fat storage areas and hormone levels. Cookie-cutter systems that are designed to work for both men and women end up failing for both, so Barban’s approach is a far superior option for women of all ages who want to get into great shape as quickly as possible.


The electronically downloadable package includes:

  • The PDF guide, which explains the program in detail as well as the science behind the recommended nutrition and exercise parameters.
  • The workout guide, which includes customized workouts for 12 weeks. The workouts can be performed anywhere, so no gym membership is necessary. Video tutorials with a demonstration of each exercise are provided.
  • The Virtual Nutritionist app, which is used to determine how many calories should be consumed each day based on a woman’s height, weight age and body type. Detailed recommendations for carbohydrates, protein and fats are also calculated.
  • A forum, where members can share their experiences and interact with each other. Members share recipes, blog about their results and ask for tips from members who are further along in the program. This is a great resource that helps everyone stay motivated and focused on success.

venus factor system

One great thing about the system is that it works for beginners with no exercise experience just as well as it does for those who know their way around the gym. No prior knowledge is assumed, and the guide walks users through each exercise and nutritional recommendation. As users progress, the exercises can be made more challenging, and there are more than enough recipes included to keep your palate happy.

A Woman’s Touch

The Venus Factor does not ask women to lift heavy weights, pop fat burning pills or starve themselves. It takes into consideration that users have lives to keep up with, so the time commitment required is minimal. Since the parameters of the exercise and nutrition plans are optimized for maximum results, it only takes a few hours per week of food prep and exercise to start seeing results. The meals contain fresh, delicious whole foods, which are healthy in addition to being ideal choices for weight loss.

Participants who can commit to following the program for 12 weeks will see dramatic physical changes as a result. Fat will melt away, muscles will become firm and toned and energy levels will increase. If there is more weight to shed after 12 weeks, simply repeat the program until your fitness goals have been realized. The healthy, balanced approach to losing fat and improving fitness levels can be followed indefinitely. If you are a woman who wants to lose 10 or more pounds, The Venus Factor is the perfect solution. >>Click To Watch The Video Presentation At The Official Site<<